Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Life in 6 Words

I just came across Gabrielle Blair's post "Six Words." 

It got me thinking about writing, my blog, and my life.

I enjoy writing even thought I'm not very good at it.

I also read this the other day, and the article got me thinking again. About writing. About my goals.

Maybe I should take a writer's workshop and explore this outlet I so enjoy?

I'm scared though. . .I've never been really good at anything, well, except loving people.

Anyway, here is my life at the moment summed up in 6 words (not in any particular order). Eesh, that's not many words to describes one's life.

1. Children
2. Budget
3. Learning
4. Home
5. Love
6. Shepherding

1 comment: said...

Vaness, I LOVE this six-words exercise. I want to try and do it for myself, too! I agree with what you said about it being so few words; and that's what makes it kinda daunting for me too. You know I have more trouble with less words :) hehe.

It reminds me of an exercise we used to have to do in high school (that I have since modified to suit my present whims) called "precis." You get exactly (not one more and not one less) 25 words to describe...whatever. In high school we used it to describe books, but nowadays I use it to describe days that are harder to put a handle on.

Anyway, I was going through my google reader and was so so happy to see you in my feed again. and i LOVE the six words. i'm trying to think of it for me now too.