Friday, February 3, 2012

I felt fed

I have had a rough month.

Actually, it's been a rough 7 months.

I won't share what's been going on because it's all still getting sorted out. I have lately found myself physically exhausted, emotionally drained and parched with thirst for I don't know what. Do you ever feel that way sometimes? You know, where there are circumstances in life you cannot change, or crossroads that seem perplex and confusing, or moments where you feel no one really understands you. Or maybe your heart just hurts.

You find yourself running an errand and you tear up. You push your child in the swing on a beautiful day and tears stream down. Or perhaps moments where you are just angry at the Lord so you turn up the volume to Katy Perry's Firework so that maybe, for a split second, you can actually feel like a firework. Or maybe you just dive into a book to forget reality or turn on the tv to watch an episode of Modern Family to laugh off the stresses of life. Or maybe you attempt in a humble spirit to actually touch the Lord but then condemn yourself for doing all the above instead of coming to Him as the Fountain of living waters.

Yeah. That's me.

So, I came to my end yesterday. I decided it was time to open up the Bible to catch up with my daily reading. I read Matthew chapters 20-22. Nothing special popped out. The clouds did not part and I did not hear His speaking, well, not in that way at least.

But a little miracle happened.

I was happy while driving to pick up my kindergartner.

I felt fed.

I was satisfied.

The Lord met my need, whatever it was, and I knew it was because of the Word of God.

So go ahead, open the Bible and let Him meet your need.


nicole said...

love. love love love. this is me, too, a lot of the times (well, probably more sad/angry/whining, less Bible...but you know. work-in-progress and so on). love you.

ps. your blog keeps giving me errors when i try to comment :( had to try like 10 times, literally.

Vanessa said...


julronimo said...

So glad you are back. I so enjoy your blog, even if there are no initials after your name!

housebecky said...

i love you, vanessa. always have. always will.

Vanessa said...

Thanks Becky.