Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Weekly Reads

These adorable cuties have nothing to do with the post, but every post has got to have a picture or two, right?

I just want to share some great posts of some of the blogs I read weekly. They are either helpful, informative, fun or piqued my fancy and thought you might like them as well.

My Husband's blog: How he won our anticipated Fiji trip.
I would just like to add that I wish, so wish, he blogged regularly. My other half is hilarious, smart, and has opinions and stories worth sharing. He seriously needs to consider adding a dose of the giggles to his readers' lives--frequently. You got that dear?

My friend Hannah: this post is the best one about being a new mom 
I've known Hannah since I was 17 years old. We go way back. Every time I watch the move Airplane, I think of her :-)

My crafty friend Melanie: Do you need some inspiration to make a homemade card? She's got you covered! She designs rubber stamps and is a great friend. She introduced me to lavender lattes and Copics.

Savory Sweet Life: This blog has great recipes and AMAZING food photography. This recipe is a keeper and I love to make it! I think you should try it too.

My friend Nicole: This post is great! This girl knows how to make me laugh. I sure do miss her here in Austin.

Between You and Me: The story of adopting their daughter. I cried. I think Tara and I would be friends in real life. I love everything about her style and outlook on life.

30 Bucks a Week:  This recipe made me run out and buy red quinoa. Tina and her husband have helped me explore the world of eating vegetarian and spending less at the grocery store. I still eat meat though.

Last one. . .

Simple Kids: Isn't this the coolest writing kit ever? Love it! We all need simplicity in our lives. Period. The end.


Melanie said...

these sound like really good sites, thanks for the link and the recommends, I will check out!

Donna said...

oh my the kids are getting so big and she looks just like you! so sweet said...

thanks for the shout-out! i miss you guys, too!! (and the pics above are WAY TOO CUTE! i am so glad i got to see your kiddos in person in Dallas. so sweet.)

Julie said...

Wow! Your kids are so beautiful and look exactly the same size as ours:) Duh, same age right lol:)

Melanie said...

waiting fir some Fiji pics!!